A lot of love and time has gone in to making this truly unique wall hanging. Wax was applied to the fabric, dyed over, removed, and repeated to achieve the beautiful colorful layers on display in this one of a kind work of art.


Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Colors: Deep Magenta, Fushia, Pink, Indigo, Clear Yellow

Material: Linen / Fiber-Reactive Dye on Hemp-Silk

Wall Hanging - Linen + Silk Batik

SKU: 056
  • Our wallhangings begin with original silks framed in linen. They are then secured by a wooden print style hanger and finally hung by a leather strap. The tactile nature of this product is enhanced by the fabric display allowing for the natural ebb and flow of the silk. The product looks great as an individual statement piece or hung as a group over a sofa or bed.