Accent your wardrobe with this hand-dyed woven cotton scarf. Each scarf is hand-dyed using a two step process. They are first vat dyed, then color is individually added to each scarf using a spray bottle and gravity to give an ombre appearance. The weave itself is a horizontal shadow plaid that alternates a from dense to loose weave with a repeat of 1.5" and no open spaces.


Colors: Ombre Gold to Rust

Material: 100% Cotton

Dimensions: 14" x 72"

Care Instructions: Hand-wash or Machine Wash separately with a mild detergent in COLD water. Shake out and Hang to dry. 

Hand-Dyed Woven Cotton Scarf

  • Our hand-dyed fabrics have been washed, fixed and are ready for use. Expect variations in the fabric adding a 'unique' quality to each piece.